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May 17, 2015

11 Beautiful reasons why a mother is her daughter's best friend

       Maybe your baby girl loves more her father but when she will grow up, she will always ask for her mother, either if she is in a trouble. The most perfect relationship is between a mother and her daughter. There may be a limit that will always separate your roles in the family - mum & daughter - but always a mum will be her daughters best friend, no matter what.

See below 10+1 reason why mom will always be your most ideal bestie.
  1. You will give to each other advice on relationships. 
  2. Always she will run on your shoulder to cry on.
  3. Both you will have spent the same problems at different times.
  4. Always she will ask your advice as she knows she will always have the right answer from you.
  5. She knows that if someone offend or hurt her, you will always support her. 
  6. You will always know how to make her laugh. 
  7. You will have one of your own communication code.
  8. Until 18 she will not want to look like you at all, but once she will pass she will want to be just like you. 
  9. When you two will have a fight, it would be like colliding with yourself. 
  10. You two know exactly what gift to make to each-other. 
  11. Always your arms would be her shelter.

    I use to have this relationship with my mom and I feel so happy that someone who really loves me, does exist. She can understand me without speaking. She knows what I love and what I would love, too. She is in my mind, she trusts me as I do and I will always love her beyond the infinitive. I do trouble because I want to raise her interest on me, we have fights like Tom&Jerry but we always find a way to speak to each-other again, in very few minutes. We hang out together, shop together, laugh together, go to the cinema, study, cook, play, speak, everything. She is the only person which take care of me, say everything as it is without lies and what I can say more?. She completes me, she is my ideal bestie -mom-. Thank you for reading my post, I would love to see any reply down below! Thank for sharing- if you do. 

    TeenAngel Girl.

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