How to Pull Off the Half Bun!!! - Aleksia Mansaku

May 22, 2015

How to Pull Off the Half Bun!!!

     The last time you uttered the words "half up, half down" where in 2003!
     Alright, I am here to tell you that this hairstyle, which was seen most at weddings and proms, has returned--but in a new way.
     I will introduce you the half bun, from my eyes. It is loose, casual and super popular with celebrities.
     Here are some listed steps you can follow for a nice looking messy half bun.

    1. Create some beach-y waves. If you have curly hair, you are so lucky as you do not need to follow this first step. For who has straight hair you can make beach-y waves in many ways. Firstly, with a curly iron and later mess them up or if you do not have a curly iron, you can do it with a flat one. Take two sections of your hair, create a twisted cord holding the ends and twist them together. Use the flat iron and iron them starting from the top. Let it cool completely and then unravel them. Repeat with other section as much as you need. Last, you can use a sea-salt spray and a curling want to add some effortless kinks. 
    2. Keep the bun low. This particular bun should rest back on the crown of your head. Write where you separate the two sections of hair--that's where it should go. 
    3. Make one that works for you. Everyone's personal texture is unique. Pull your hair through a rubber band two and a half times, or circle your hair first and then wrap the rubber band around that. However you normally rock a messy situation... 
    4. Finish with a light-hold spray. You want to keep the strands in check while also keeping the  “I woke up like dis” vibe.      
    Best wishes,
    TeenAngel Girl. 

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